In compliance with the law, Droxio offer to his customers a 14 days grace period (natural days) from the reception of the package to return (without cost) the purchased product.

The refund will be done in a period of 3 habile days after the receiving and checking the package in our facilities.


We won´t can proceed to the refund of the purchased in those cases which the user had altered or spoiled the product.
The product must be complete, with all accessories and the original packing. Other case we won´t can make the refund.

Processing of the return

To proceed with the return of the product you will have to follow the following steps:

Start session in the web.


Within history you´ll see the list of your orders. Take note of the reference of the order in which is the product you want to return. (Left column).

Send one e-mail with the Subject “DROXIO Return” to

Detail in the e-mail:

- The article you want to return. (Required)

- The serial number (SN) of the article (you can see in the invoice, in the article or in the package). (Required)

- Specify if you will send the package by your means or will use our courier service.

- The reason (if you wish). The reason is not mandatory but it will help us to keep improving in our service.

You´ll receive one e-mail with the shipping label.

Introduce the product/s to return in one box well protected or in the same carton box which we sent you.

Fix the label in a visible place outside the carton.

If you use our courier, they will pick up the package the next working day after receive our confirmation mail with the label.


The Droxio products have 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects. You shall keep the receipt to proof the purchase. The defective product will be repaired or replaced for one new one. In case to not have availability of the pieces for the repairing or the whole item for replacement, well proceed to the refund of the money.

The warranty time will never prorogate in any case, being always 2 years since the purchase day.

Processing of the warranty

To use the warranty of your product Droxio by manufacturing defect you should follow the following steps:

Send one e-mail to or call to +34.958.435.647.

We recommend the processing through e-mail.

In the e-mail subject you should write “DROXIO Warranty”.

In the e-mail you should specify:

- The item that need to apply the warranty.

- The invoice number.

- The Serial Number (SN) of the item (you can read in the invoice (or receipt), in the article or in the box).

- The fail or defect.

- The pick up address.

- Contact telephone.

You´ll receive one e-mail with the shipment label and the number of case.

Introduce the product into a box well protected or in the carton box we sent you.

Fix the label in a visible place outside of the package.

The Courier will pick up the next working day after you´ll get the mail with the label.